Ischebeck Ibérica, SL offers wellpoint equipment for the extraction of the water table. This vacuum generation pumping system is highly efficient and economical when operated in suitable conditions.

Water Extraction

The wellpoint water extraction system can be highly efficient and useful in excavations whose depth is below the water table. For example, when undertaking the construction of basements or trenches for water collectors.

This system can be applied to a wide range of granular soils, although its optimum performance is obtained when installed in medium-grained sands without the presence of fine particles. Other assembly operations (pre-drilling and implementation of a granular filter) may be required when the system is used in other types of soils.

Water Extraction

The system's components are:

  • Driving pump
  • Well points
  • Pressure hoses
  • Water collectors (for the perimeter pipes)
  • Vacuum pump
  • Connection sleeves
  • Fittings (bends, tees, bifurcated pipe caps, joints, flexible hoses)
  • Electrical panel (380 V, 36 A)
  • Extensions

The water is suctioned out by means of a vacuum through numerous collection points - corresponding to the number of well points installed -, and passes through the filters fitted to the ends of the points.

The equipment is relatively easy to assemble. Pressurized water is injected into the well points in order to drive them into the ground. Once installed, they are connected to the main drain, which in turn is connected to the vacuum pump, from which the extracted water is driven to the discharge point (with the help of two built-in pumps). Once the installation stage has been completed, the equipment is easy to operate and control.

Ischebeck Ibérica, SL also offers the technical expertise required for installation and use of these systems.

Water Extraction