H20 aluminium clamp

Quick connection to all types of beams while providing resistance to horizontal forces applied to the formwork

  • Aluminium clamp 1Quick connection to wooden beams for traditional H20 formwork
  • Weight 0.35 kg, about 1/3 of the weight of traditional clamps
  • Torque: 50Nm
    Admissible horizontal sliding load: 2.5 kN
    Admissible traction load: 5kN
  • A spring nut positions the clamp's jaw correctly


  • Aluminium clamp 2Rapid installation
  • No damage occurs nailed to wooden beams
  • Stable, shear resistant
  • Assembly without sliding on each side of the beam.
  • Ideal for overhang formwork beams
  • For the construction of formwork tables with wooden beams H20
  • For the construction of formwork walls with wooden beams H20
  • Improves safety
  • Unlimited reuse

Aluminium clamps 3


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