WK 2000 centering console

For supporting heavy centerings

Centering consoles

  • Reusable
  • LGA static certification. Official German Institute for Industry.
  • The console's assembly and usage instruction are at your disposal

Technical data

  • Admissible load: 223 kN
  • With concrete type: C 30/37
  • Thickness: min. 50 cm
  • Margin or distance to edge: min. 35 cm
  • Distance between two anchors: min. 40 cm


  • The biggest advantage is that the support structure rests on a wall or structure that has already been concreted.
  • There is no need for temporary foundations on the ground.
  • There are no problems when it comes to crossing rivers and no disruptions are caused as the lower traffic flow can be maintained due to the absence of obstacles.

Centering consoles 2