TITAN wedge jacks

For permissible loads up to 1000kN

Wedge jacks

  • Estimated settlement
  • No influence of water
  • Cheaper than hydraulic equipment
  • Easy and safe to handle

TITAN wedges jacks are used for centering heavy concrete slabs and bridge decks, directly supported on the crown beams of a piling wall or on a sheet pile console.

Wedge jacks have been statically proven to transmit normal forces and, to a lesser extent, horizontal forces.

Below the maximum permissible load, the jack may be loosened manually using a ring spanner and 2 kg hammer . With loads of up to 40 kN, the formwork can be lifted and adjusted. It can be transported by a single operator.

The flanges of the steel beams must be attached to the wedges jacks by means of clamps. TITAN wedge jacks have been developed from traditional sand jacks.

Wedge jacks are used, for example, for supporting continuous primary and secondary formwork beams, individual supports made from laminated steel profiles or for heavy-load props used for supporting centerings.

Compared to traditional sand jacks, wedge jacks offer the following advantages:

  • Accurate height adjustment
  • Information on the stress-strain relationship (compression)
  • Unaffected by the influence of water

Compared with designs that incorporate struts and hydraulic cylinders, wedge jacks are also capable of handling eccentric and horizontal loads within a certain limit.

Even though they are more solid, wedge jacks are cheaper than hydraulic systems of a similar load capacity.