Wall formwork with aluminium beams

For large wall surfaces

Wall formwork with aluminium beams


  • It takes less crane capacity to position the same surface area of formwork than it does for steel panels
  • High degree of flexibility when it comes to combining with other formwork systems
  • Economical

TITAN aluminium beams used for wall formwork provide a surprising reduction in labour costs and an increase in productivity:

  1. 1/3 less anchorages
    One anchor supports 2.3 m² of formwork surface, compared to the 1.5 m² supported by traditional formwork
  2. 1/3 lighter
    The complete formwork, including the phenolic board, the concreting platforms and the braces, weighs only 45 kg/m², i.e., 50% of the weight of traditional formwork.
    Using a crane of the same capacity, we can either increase the reach of the jib or increase the surface area of the formwork to be raised in a single movement by up to 50%
  3. 1/3 less braces
    The horizontal arrangement of the formwork beams increases the rigidity of the formwork and reduces the time required for adjustment and alignment.
  4. Light components
    Simplifies on-site assembly without the need for a crane. TITAN aluminium beams weigh just 5.6 kg per linear metre.