TITAN M wall formwork

The modular aluminium panel wall formwork system

TITAN M wall formwork


  • For the efficient and economical creation of concrete surfaces with a high-quality finish
  • The repair and recovery of formwork panels is no longer a problem

The Alu-TITAN M formwork allows for the rapid changing of the panels' phenolic boards

TITAN M = aluminium frame or rack + phenolic board, easy to separate and join as there is a big difference between the service life of the plywood board and the aluminium frame.

A lightweight aluminium structure with a 160 mm edge, with IFLON protective layer to reduce adhesion of the cement grout, composed of welded multifunctional profiles

The quality of the phenolic boards is selected in accordance with the quality of the concrete quality and the number of uses. For example, a 21-mm three-layer board, a Betoplan Top or a resin-coated Finnish board