Alu TITAN HV with screw jack comprising:

Aluminium HV props

  • aluminium outer tube
  • tubular steel, hot-dip galvanized screw jack

A system composed of combinable elements, i.e., a 'meccano set', with an extension capacity of 1.75 m to 6.10 m. It is not necessary to change the prop type within a single works. The persmissable loads are based on the results of tests conducted in Germany (MPA NRW) and the U.S. (Lehigh University, Pennsylvania).

There are 4 additional reasons that reinforce the advantages of using this new type of prop:

  • With a single prop size it is possible to form slabs from 2.00 to 3.30 (4.30) m in height. The prop's extension and permissible load capacities always meet the work's height and resistance requirements.
  • The high permissible load capacity - a minimum of 30 kN when extended - adapts to the demands of new and modern slab formwork systems. The number of props/m² of slab surface is reduced by 25%. Thus, the cost/m² of formwork is reduced due to the reduced amount of material required, in addition to reduced labour costs for assembly and disassembly.
  • Due to a weight of only 16 kg, the props can be handled quickly, easily and without causing fatigue.
  • The props can be extended and braced to avoid a reduction of their permissible load. The aluminium racks can be installed even prior to the assembly of the outer tube, increasing the horizontal stability. They also serve as support for PP scaffolding boards, transforming the prop system into a centering/scaffold with a standardized work platform. All this means: quicker, safe forming and stripping.