Gi-A panels

The ideal shoring system for trenches of up to 3 metres deep in urban areas

The aluminium Gi-A panels combine safety in excavations and operational ease. Ideal for the creation of new services networks in urban areas, as well as for subsequent revision and repair work.

  • Gi-A Panels They allow for excavations of up to 3 metres in depth.
  • Apt for shoring in any type of soil (granular or cohesive).
  • Lightweight system with few components: easy to assemble and install on-site, without the need for large auxiliary elements.
  • Versatile system: allows for the shoring of trenches, shafts and the crossing of transverse elements.
  • Considerable geometric adaptability, allowing for different excavation depths (with increases of 0.50 metres) and widths.
  • Gi-A Panels High-resistance aluminium. Corrosion-free (long service life).
  • The system complies with the DIN EN 13331 and DIN 4124 guidelines.
  • Operational safety approval issued by the Underground Works Regulatory Institution (TBG).


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