Gi-P panels

The universal system for trench shoring

Steel Gi-P panels are successfully used worldwide for trench shoring.

Gi-P Panels

  • They allow for the undertaking of excavations up to 6 metre deep.
  • Clearance height from bottom of trench of up to 2.50 m (with lower concrete floor).
  • Apt for shoring in any type of soil (granular or cohesive).
  • Easy-to-assemble and install using the usual lifting methods.
  • Highly versatile, allowing for the shoring of trenches, shafts and the crossing of transverse elements.
  • Considerable geometric adaptability, allowing for different excavation depths (with increases of 1 metre) and widths.
  • Ample working space between struts (up to 3.60 m).
  • The robustness of the materials allows for minimum maintenance costs and a long service life.
  • The system complies with the DIN EN 13331 and DIN 4124 guidelines.
  • The system has been approved by the Underground Works Regulatory Institution (TBG).

Gi-P Panels

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