KP chambered panels

An advantageous combination of sheet piling and panel shoring

KP chambered panels enable clearance heights below struts, as well as permitting the undertaking of excavations without land decompression.

KP chambered panels

  • The panel simultaneously serves for bracing and guiding the sheet piling.
  • It allows for excavations of up to 5.00 metres in depth without the need for additional struts to be attached to the chambered panel and up to 6.50 metres with additional bracing.
  • The light sheet piling is installed using pressure and with the assistance of an excavator or by using low-power vibrators.
  • The installation of sheet piling prior to or during the excavation enables the excavation itself to be undertaken without land decompression, thus reducing the impact on the surroundings.
  • Considerable reduction in the number of struts required.
  • The system complies with the DIN EN 13331 and DIN 4124 guidelines.
  • The system has been approved by the Underground Works Regulatory Institution (TBG).

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