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History & Philosophy

From a simple forge for the manufacture of screws to the development, production and distribution of systems for the construction sector

Ischebeck Philosophy
Towards the end of the 19th century, a plume of smoke was a sign of activity

Founded in 1881, FRIEDR.ISCHEBECK was a small forge dedicated to making tools. A foundry workshop was added in 1912 and, in the 1930s, the company began to manufacture struts for the construction sector. The company has always been motivated to invent new products and systems capable of improving site efficiency, increasing work safety and optimising profitability, whilst always representing "Made in Germany" quality. The development of new manufacturing methods has also played a fundamental role.

FRIEDR.ISCHEBECK has always based its development on human resources, faithful collaborators and a team spirit at all levels throughout all the areas of the globe in which our products are offered and used.

As the Spanish subsidiary of Friedr. Ischebeck GmbH (Ennepetal, Germany) we have over 15 years of experience in the south of Europe as reliable and competent experts in the public and private construction engineering sector.In addition to developing and being one of the main manufacturers of formwork and geotechnical solutions through our trademark TITAN, as well as shoring systems (steel panels, aluminum panels and sheet piles), we are installers of our own products applying the latest technologies in the field of civil engineering and building (we have a wide range of vibration equipment, hydraulic hammers, drilling equipment and wellpoint dewatering equipment) in the execution of ground anchors, micropiles, pile driving and water level drawdown by wellpoint. In addition to our products and services, we are available to help you during planning stages by offering professional assessment and resources that will enable you to undertake your projects with the assistance of customized solutions capable of meeting all your requirements.

We have a sophisticated, reliable and well-equipped team. Even with the best products and services, it is sometimes necessary to obtain technical assistance capable of providing fast and accurate solutions, since time is important in the construction sector. Thus, our technicians and engineers are ready to travel at a minimum notice. In addition to rapid, reliable assessment, we also offer the advantage of the immediate availability of the above-mentioned materials and machinery, thus enabling you to work with a single provider capable of offering you a complete package covering everything from the sale and rental of products to the execution of the works themselves.

Extensive experience and the personal commitment of our highly qualified team enable us to guarantee a high level of quality and safety.


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