When speaking of formwork systems, the time necessary for concreting must be taken into account. The overall time required, including stripping, cleaning, surfaces and handling, defines a system's value and demonstrates that our systems offer unique advantages.

Our systems are largely composed of very lightweight aluminium components that are easy to handle on-site. Their lightness reduces operator fatigue and increase on-site safety, resulting in increased production. Transportation, assembly and stripping are easy. The use of cranes is reduced, leaving them available for other work. The wide variety of elements for supporting loads - from steel props to the aluminium TITAN-Megashore system -, all accompanied by their corresponding authorizations, provide for economic, practical and versatile solutions.

The same capacity to adapt is evident in the management of horizontal loads. Our ample range includes push-pull props for every situation. We employ raw materials such as steel and aluminium, each with its corresponding advantages.

Great advantages can also be found in the wide variety of sizes and models of beams, including those destined for use in even the simplest slab formwork systems. The exclusive use of aluminium and plastic is the basis for their economical cost and longevity. When returning the material to storage at the end of each works, you will notice less expense arising from loss or breakage and a reduction in the amount of unpleasant disagreements.

Our vertical formwork systems for walls and partitions, composed of modular panels or made to measure using horizontal beams, meet the highest standards of finished concrete surface quality.

These products area accompanied by a wide range of useful accessories and complements that can be adapted to other systems. And they are all backed by the experience acquired with our customers in the numerous projects that we have carried out around the world.