Braced sheet piling with metallic profiles

An effective solution for large-scale excavations

Sheet piling walls can be braced with metal profiles in order to undertake deep excavations whilst limiting deformation.

  • Sheet piling walls braced with metallic profilesMakes deep excavations easy and economical.
  • The walls experience limited deformation, making this an ideal solution for excavations to be undertaken in the proximity of elements that must be protected (buildings, installations, communications networks, etc.).
  • Necessity to carry out the excavation in more than one phase in order to assemble the bracing.
  • The bracing can be implemented by means of custom-made metal beams and struts produced in our facilities or by means of a custom-designed structure incorporating welded joints
    and installed on-site.
  • Sheet piling walls braced with metallic profilesThe custom-built beam and strut solution is ideal for bracing trenches.
  • The welded metallic-structure solution provides a greater amount of openings for excavation or for the introduction of machinery and/or prefabricated elements.