Vibrators with self-transport equipment (mäklers)

Operating power and capacity to obtain increased performances

Vibrators with self-transporting equipment (mäklers) provide high piling capacity and excellent performance.

  • Vibrators with self-transport equipment The operation of this equipment is fully independent.
  • The vibrator moves using the telescopic mast mounted on its front section.
  • A combination of high power and its operational and movement capacity provide for a high piling capacity in a wide range of soils, coupled with excellent performance.
  • Vibrators facilitate the piling of very heavy, long elements, in accordance with the mast size (up to 19 -20 metres approximately).
  • Vibrators with self-transport equipmentAll the vibration equipment of this type operates with variable static torque, making them ideal for use in areas with strict vibration limits (e.g., urban areas).
  • Ischebeck Ibérica, S.L. also offers qualified staff with extensive experience in the handling of this type of equipment.